Deciding Between a Monitored or Unmonitored Security System

Having a security system can give a homeowner peace of mind, as they know that if something happens, the security systems denver companies have to offer will give them some protection. How much protection depends on a number of factors, including the system chosen and whether this system is monitored or unmonitored. Taking certain things into consideration will help a homeowner decide which type of system is right for them.


One of the main things that can lead people to select an unmonitered security system over one that is monitored is the overall cost. When purchasing either an unmonitored system or one that is self-monitored, the main cost is the equipment itself. There isn’t a contract to sign that ties the homeowner to spending so much money per month to have someone monitor the system. With a professionally monitored system, there may also be a charge for any false alarms that occur. The equipment itself is also slightly more expensive than that for unmonitored systems, as it must be capable of calling out instead of just recording and/or making loud noises in case of a problem.

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Another thing that has to be considered is the effectiveness of the system. A monitored system means that if anyone triggers the alarm without having the proper code, the authorities will be notified and wireless security cameras denver¬†¬†come out as soon as possible. With an unmonitored system, it may make noise, but if nobody is around to hear it or the people who do hear it assume it’s a false alarm, it’s not going to help much. Perhaps the surveillance camera colorado springs companies sold the homeowner as part of the system will catch the perpetrator on video, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the person will be caught. A self-monitored system may be a good compromise, as it can notify the homeowner or perhaps a few other people, who can then decide whether to call the authorities after checking their security cameras denver footage to see whether there’s a real issue or not.


Choosing a monitored system can mean that someone will be notified in case of other situations besides intruders, such as a medical emergency or the smoke, carbon monoxide or fire alarms going off. This may not be as much of an issue for those who have the house automated so they can check on things and get alerts on their phones and check on the wireless security cameras colorado springs footage whenever they would like.

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